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Bundaberg Rotary wins RFDS Local Hero

Mar 31, 2021 | Uncategorized

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The Rotary Club of Bundaberg has been announced the Bundaberg Region winner of the RFDS Local Hero award.

Voting is now open for the Queensland local hero, with the winner to receive a $7500 grant to promote health care in their community..

RFDS said the Rotary Club of Bundaberg has been an integral part of the local community for many years, supporting many organisations, including the RFDS, through their fundraising and volunteer efforts.

The club this year supported the opening of the new RFDS Bundaberg Base with a generous donation, also performing extensive work to establish gardens at the new base.

Matt Griffiths, who had previously been transported by the RFDS, rallied more than 40 of his fellow Rotary members to assist with the manual labour required to landscape the new base.

Mr Griffiths further assisted the relocation by moving furniture and equipment from the old base to the new site.

He has a close working relationship with the RFDS Bundaberg Volunteer Auxiliary, providing them with access to Rotary events at which they can fundraise.

Mr Griffiths was born with a disability following his father’s war service in Vietnam and said volunteering is a great positive.

“My son was sick when he was really young and if it wasn’t for the flying doctors he probably wouldn’t be with me now,” he said.

“They got him down there to Brisbane within hours … sometimes it’s not just a matter of treating the child, it’s keeping the parent calm as well.

“It would leave a massive hole in regional Queensland if the RFDS weren’t around.”